wrap2008 (web relay art project 2008) is an initiative of johanna haagsman, a dutch artist.

contact: info@wrap2008.net

Q: Why start this project?
A: As economics and boundaries (try to) rule the world, I want to make a gesture to all artists. Let's make a piece of artwork together, without the limitations of age, distance, expansive travel, galleries.

The internet is an ideal location to make this happen. In its foundation, the internet is a place to communicate fast, cheap and freely. Therefore I only want to use opensource (and free) software in this project, for it is accessible to everyone.

Most interesting to me however is, how each artist will respond to another, and how this project will develop within the next year.

Also it refers to 'le cadavre exquis', a method by which a collection of words or images is collectively assembled (source: wikipedia), used by (a.o.) the Surrealists. The difference is that at wrap2008.net you see the whole image. Although it's feasible to make a part of the image invisible, I don't think it contributes to the idea of reflection and reaction on eachothers work. But then again, each participating artist is free to do it his/her way....

Q: When does it start?
A: The project will officially start at the 1st of July 2008, and will end at July 31 2009.

Q: How many artists are involved?
A: Ask me again in some months... I hope a lot of artists will join this initiative.

Q: Do you receive any grants or sponsoring?
A: No.

Q: How can I help to promote this project?
A: Put a linked banner on your website (see at the download page), mail all artists you know. Later on there will be also some graphics available to download, for making stickers, flyers and so on. A pressrelease will be available for download within two months, when the project is rolling well.

Q: Uh... well...uh...
A: If you have any more pressing questions, let me know at info@wrap2008.net and they will be published here.

Also for any critics, opinions, dia- or monologues about this project > mail it to info@wrap2008.net and it will be published at a special page (which will appear as soon as there are enough comments etc.). Mind you, it can and will be censored if really really necessary...

Q: Where do I find:

contact address ?   
A: info@wrap2008.net !

downloads for image manipulating ?   A: join/downloads !

downloads for office software ?   A: join/downloads !

example ?   A: join/example !

myself ?   A: do not !

the real thing ?   A: wrap2008.net !

usermanual ?   A: join/artist manual !