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About the Today's Thoughts
The Today's Thoughts started a few years ago as Today's Poems. Every day I wrote 1 poem. I had to do that for a month. Not that it really worked out well. Sometimes I forgot, sometimes there were other reasons not to write. And in later versions it often became more thoughts than poems. That's why it's called Today's Thoughts, and in fact everything is allowed, it's a playground. The daily frequency also changed over time.
You will find them all in this overview.
You can also find the one I'm working on now via the start page, via a link that takes you directly to the latest Today.

Unfortunately for English speaking folks, i usually write in Dutch, and so not many of these Thoughts have been translated (yet). I do the best i can, but it may take some time. In order not to annoy you, i only put links to where several (not all!) have been translated.
Perhaps the easier way to find translated posts (for now), is to search via the English index-page, because those are direct links to the posts.


Today's Thoughts (1)2017day 6
Today's Thoughts (2)2020day 22
Today's Thoughts (4)2022-1day 12
Today's Thoughts (5)2022-2/2023-1day 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 20-25, 28, 29
Today's Thoughts (6)2023-2 (current)day 1

DateTime: 2023 feb 01, 14:30 CET
Author: Mulder
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