On request: Wrap2008 project

In 2008 I initiated the wrap2008.net art project, in which 38 artists from around our Globe participated. On request of one of the participants I have put the project back online, for a little while (I think).

I hope it works in all your digital environments. If not… than that’s too bad, but it’s too much trouble to revive an old website, just for a few weeks. As for me, I see one artwork perhaps was made in Flash? and doesn’t work. I don’t know.

The project was a way to connect our artworks and make one large digital artwork. It started with my own drawing (it’s in the middle, no. 1), and then I invited two artists two connect their artworks to it. And so on.

I remember I was having some trouble to keep this thing going, because each artist had 2? weeks to make an artwork, and some discussions, and one artist emailing me in capitals something like he was not a machine 😀

But. In the end it all worked out well.
SO! click THIS LINK and see for yourselves…………..

For artists that want to participate:
You are 13 years too late.