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Long, long time ago, there was this little town called Klotestad. I went there, and bought it. I used to sent postcards from Klotestad, so that's how i got the idea of writing about it, and so Groeten uit (Greetings from) Klotestad was born. Experimental proze, mixed with all sorts of other things, quotes from other artists etc.

Now, after so many years, during this ongoing pandemic in an ignorant world, and after starting my own radiostation called Radio Klotestad, i felt the time is right to transfer my whole life to Klotestad.

Radio Klotestad is my autofictography, indexed and archived for you to discover, read, look and listen, as a complete body of work - but in fact never fully complete, as it will be updated every day with new material. Think: soundscapes, anecdotes, animation, street poetry, stories of my strange artist autist life, lots of art, family photos, playlists, all kinds of drawings of course, and maybe you will discover some private parts there as well. Everything is possible in the weird and dystopian world of Radio Klotestad.

The site will be only accessible through indexes and collections, which means you have to actively hop through the indexes to find things. It will be unhandy at times, you might get lost, or forget what you've read or not, so i would suggest you take precautions and take notes. Or not, if you are a more adventurous type of person.
I also think the site is best approached by desktop pc; because the numerous amount of hyperlinks it might be difficult to navigate on a mobile. Another issue: language. Most items are in Dutch, although i sometimes write in English. I try to translate as much as i can, but that takes much time, and i want to write more as well, so that might take ages. If you would like to translate some items for me, that would be really great: contact me (but i cannot pay you, sorry, so i understand when you now don't want to do that anymore).
So it can be a bit of a bilingual mess sometimes.

Q: Where will this all lead to?
I guess this part of the website, the portfolio part, will slowly drain empty; and the Klotestad area will get filled more and more. At least that's my goal; if i will succeed.... no one knows.

What a news! You read it, many moments AFTER you just discovered it all by yourselves! WOAH!
Lots of changes this past month.

Including the message of my hosting provider, that all prices were rising and i don't know if it is a coincedence, but my uitkering is not, so i have to squeeze everything in one website.

Now 'gratistekening' (freedrawing) already was about to expire, so i decided to give it a small project page here (you can still order drawings!), and so also other projects i am currently (or: still) working on, get their own special page(s). So is Groeten uit Klotestad, it will change and move. It is still in the making, so expect things to disappear, or whisper from behind the couch.

The website's design i made in 2006, but never used it for a live site. So now is the time, it's oldskool and flat and powdery, and i like it.

About the accessibility of this site: the language is mainly English, but sometimes i prefer to write in my native (Dutch) language, as i do for Groeten uit Klotestad, and most of my poetry and stories. Sometimes i translate those into English, so it's a bit of a bilingual mess, but i did not want to make a separate Dutch part. If you don't understand something, you can always ask, just send me an email.
One exception though: the GratisTekening Department is both in Dutch and English! What a tremendous service!
Also i will add as many as ALT descriptions of images as possible. But for some pages it is not possible; i just cannot add a 1000 descriptions all by myself, and for some of the special project pages i don't know yet how it'll work out.

For several years i hated the algorhytms in Twitter and Instagram, so when this very rich dude wanted to buy the birdsite and finally did buy it, it was the ultimate moment to leave. I had already left Facebook 2? years ago, and Linkedin also really annoyed me more and more, so left that behind me as well. Instagram... ah yes, it hurts. But lots of people that followed me, were only interested in their own selfs, never liked anything nor connected with me, so fuck that. Twitter was almost the same. Only a few people interacted, out of 760 or so that supposedly followed me. Because of the algorhythms, yes, but my guess is it was also all about the more likes, the more attention etcetera, instead of real connections. It did not feel right anymore, as it did years ago.

So bye to all, and welcome to new all at Mastodon. I love the federated way of connecting, no algorhymes nor advertisers. However, ofcourse, it is not the Walhalla. People are still people.

But i think the way social media is organised, is important and we should be aware of that. People change their behaviours, according how they are being pushed into some system of attention and rewards. It should not be this way, so that's why i left. I hope to see you all somewhere in the Fediverse!

And yeah, fuck that horribley rich dude.

A photo of some office rubbish on a concrete pavement, with a piece of weathered wood aside.

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