Strangevoiced Incident

As I wanted to record some annoying noises from the nearby supermarket, that kept me and my former neighbours from sleeping, nothing really happened. It was around 2 am, I made 3 recordings at different spots in my (former) appartment.
At the time I heard the annoying buzz.
In all 3 recordings, there is much more grey noise and almost no buzz.
But, in recording number 3, as I turned up the volume, I suddenly heard this voice.

It seems to me like a male human voice, but the weirdest thing is: it says the same kind of words, with almost the same kind of intonation, several times.
It is no recognizable language, for me at least.

I wonder: how did I not hear it at the time (it was in the middle of the night, there was no other noise than the annoying buzz). And: where did it come from?


My newest animation, which I’m working on right now, will be about how you can feel trapped in certain circumstances. And on the other hand, what happens when you want to become part of something, and you’re not allowed in?
I will be using the voicefragment in an overly paulstretchy way for the first part (trapped).

Meanwhile, you can listen to the original voice (I deleted the more quieter parts in between the ‘sentences’) :